Just for fun

Losing my mind …

My work week

So this piece of art is an expression if my work week. A bit scary, a bit weird, a bit beautiful, some growth and some spiralling.

Some colourful fun

A couple of weeks ago I had the dreaded flu and it knocked me flat for about a week. At the end of all the coughing and spluttering and sleeping and whinging I just wanted to do something fun and with lots of colours. The end result is now hanging on the bedroom wall of two little girls who have no idea what inspired this colourful explosion.


I love trawling Pinterest and finding inspiration from the wonderfully artistic individuals who share their talent on the site. I always come away with new ideas and often combine concepts to create something that I truly love.



Art for the home

The problem in our home is that my other half have quite conservative taste in art. He’s not fond of abstract art or mixed media – whereas I adore both. So creating something we both love to look at and would comfortably hang on our wall was a huge challenge. In the end we discovered we both like patterns and we both love shades of blue. This led me to design and create a number of pieces for our newly bought house. The process was painfully long and tedious but I was thrilled with the end result and have had a number of commissions for similar pieces which is always a bonus. Ignore the tinsel. That one was completed around Christmas 😉


I find doing Zendoodles very relaxing

Shades of blue patterns

Patterns and patience

Something a bit different today. Took a long time to complete but I like the final result. Was done on Procreate iPad app. It’s designed to have no ‘right way up’.

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