The Cycle Of Abuse

In my line of work (Forensic Mental Health) I so often see the result of abuse. The devastation it causes in so many lives is a source of great sadness and frustration and has become a global epidemic. I found the diagram below  a while ago and thought it to be disturbingly accurate.

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The world had changed in the few years of his life. Where lush green grass, and tall trees had once grown, now only dried, cracked and red dirt remained. Taking a handful of the dead earth he smelt it, and thought of how this happened.
He smelled the rich headiness of the earth, breathing the smell deep into his lungs. He looked to the kid walking along next to him. Long and spindly with raggedy brown hair, she couldn’t have been more than twelve. She looked up at him, with sad looking brown eyes. “Where are we headed?” She asked as her belly rumbled in hunger.

He thought of the fertile smell of the rich earth, now so barren. This waif could have no memory of the years, to him so recent, when abundant crops had sprung from this very soil and happy homesteads had dotted a land of plenty. And now this land was a land of dearth. But it still had hidden virtue. “We are on our way, Spirit willing, to right a terrible wrong, my child,” he replied. “But we won’t get far without some food. Let me show you a few tricks.”

With long purposeful strides he marched to the withered tree, his mind recalling its once fruitful harvest. Patient eyes searched from one branch to another until he found what he was looking for. He turned and smiled at the young one before reaching forward, excited at the prospect of a good meal. “Here child,” he said. “I know it doesn’t look like much, but this juicy tidbit has enough protein to last you all day. Just be sure to pull off the legs before you eat it.”

Little Miss Me and the kidnappers (extract)

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I love writing children’s stories. Maybe it’s because I have a young daughter who loves reading. Maybe it’s simply a case of me getting in touch with the child within. Whatever it is, I love it! Currently I’m working on a series called Little Miss Me. It stars a very politically incorrect little princess who provides some perfect examples of how not to act. But don’t worry, she does learn some lessons in the end. Below is an extract of the first in the series, Little Miss Me and the kidnappers. It’s aimed at ages 10 and up and I’m hoping for it to be on Amazon in the next fortnight.

Little Miss Me and the kidnappers

Do you know what happens when you hang upside down from a tree? Let me rephrase that. Do you know what happens when your ankles are tied together with thick, itchy rope which is then looped around a branch and hoisted up into the sky? I do, and I can tell you it’s no picnic.

There I was, minding my own business when out of nowhere, without any provocation whatsoever, two brutes pounced on me. So you see I was the pouncee and they were the pouncers. I just want to make sure you get it. Me—innocent, them—guilty. Continue reading

World without colour

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I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, New Zealand. I’m not native to this magnificent wonderland, but as soon as I stepped foot on its soil, I knew this was where I belonged. Like I was somehow born in the wrong country in the first place.

I thought that perhaps as time progressed the awe I felt would diminish, but in fact the opposite has happened. Every morning as I drive along the river I am struck by the reflections of the trees as the water mirror their majestic existence.   Continue reading

Peace and quiet


Thank you!

I’ve been as busy as can be. My novella PERIL, The legend of Sedrak is in the final stages of the restructuring process. I finished the book over a year ago so to finally be at this stage is beyond what words can explain. It has been through a long and tedious editing and beta reading process but I fear I will always find that one thing I want to tweak!

Furthermore I’ve completed several Flash Fictions, Poems and Short Stories as well as the first in a series of Children’s stories and even some art.

It has been a fantastically gruelling and magnificent couple of years when it comes to my creativity and I can’t wait to get all the pieces of work published either on my blog and/or Amazon.

A big fat THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me along the way!