World without colour

colour, new zealand, seaons

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, New Zealand. I’m not native to this magnificent wonderland, but as soon as I stepped foot on its soil, I knew this was where I belonged. Like I was somehow born in the wrong country in the first place.

I thought that perhaps as time progressed the awe I felt would diminish, but in fact the opposite has happened. Every morning as I drive along the river I am struck by the reflections of the trees as the water mirror their majestic existence.  

One of my all time favourite things about New Zealand is the variety of landscapes and colours that adorn every nook and cranny of the country. At the passing of each season I revel in the abundance of colours that splash into the canvas we call earth, and it often makes me wonder what a world without colour would look like. Of course the artists and photographers among us will point out that even white, grey and black are colours, all beautiful in their own right. What I’m talking about is a world without the variety of colour we are so used to and so often take for granted.

It is  a well known fact that colours affect the way we feel, so how would it be waking up every day to a world devoid of autumn’s orange and red glow, of the myriad of colours that dance around outside our windows when summer swings around.

For myself I cannot fathom such a thing. I feel downhearted just thinking about it. So, I will go out today, feel the icy winter wind on my face and marvel in the beautifully, colourful New Zealand winter. 🙂


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