The Cycle Of Abuse

In my line of work (Forensic Mental Health) I so often see the result of abuse. The devastation it causes in so many lives is a source of great sadness and frustration and has become a global epidemic. I found the diagram below  a while ago and thought it to be disturbingly accurate.

abuse, domestic violence, cycle of abuse





3 thoughts on “The Cycle Of Abuse

  1. Your diagram is so accurate. I escaped from a physically and mentally abusive relationship 10 years ago. Later I married a man who I mistook for a good person…a year ago he started an online affair with a mutual Facebook friend. When I first found out, he denied being unfaithful, then promised to break off all ties with her. I have found out he lied about not being in contact with her, it’s just gone deeper underground. He’s denying it again, of course. And the Cycle continues. Looks like I’ll be needing to get out of this abusive relationship too.

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      1. Thanks, Jackie. I’m putting up with it as best I can for my son’s sake. He starts at a private secondary school next year, so my husband is paying for that for the next 6 years. I haven’t been able to find work, and I don’t qualify for social security because the husband earns too much. So right now, until I can find my own ource of income, I ‘m stuck with him. If not for my son’s education and my being financially dependent on him, I’d have left by now. It’s not too bad as he works away for 4 weeks at a time, and only comes home for 1 week after that. I already kicked him out of the bedroom 6 months ago. HUGS

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