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Beautiful Death (A tale of alcoholism) By Jackie G Mills


I can’t pinpoint the exact day death entered my life. In some ways it seems like she was always there. When I was little I imagined death as a grim reaper type, with ragged features and brooding eyes. But it wasn’t like that. Death was beautiful.

My love for her grew over a period of time. It was only later, much later, that I realised she didn’t love me. By that time it was too late—she had ravaged my body, destroyed my marriage and made strangers out of those who once cared for me. Still I was captivated by my love for her. Continue reading

How to write a Book Review

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I’ve heard so many people say they don’t leave book reviews because they have no idea how. Since book reviews are so tremendously important to authors I thought it a brilliant idea to write a quick and simple beginner’s ‘How to’ guide for writing a book review. I even include some examples. So here goes: Continue reading

Fractured Reflection (Short Story) – By Jackie G Mills

Fractured reflection

“Sit down!”

I sat back down, the alcohol stench clinging to my father reason enough to obey.

I wondered if I should say something like ‘okay dad’, but dismissed the thought immediately. Ultimately it didn’t matter—whether I spoke or kept quiet, it would be wrong. I concentrated on my food, hoping against all odds he would clear his plate and go to bed.

For a second my eyes found mum’s, within the brown depths of her glance she pleaded with me—‘please keep quiet’.  I didn’t want to keep quiet, I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout and scratch and kick…but I sat quietly, as always. Continue reading

Context and environment as inspiration


I often find myself staring at an art piece, listening to a song or reading a book with a keen sense of curiosity as to what the inspiration behind it was/is.  Some people are capable of producing magnificent expressions of their innermost thoughts in such a way as to drag their audience into their world and sweep them along for the ride. Continue reading

Over the moon!

Hot New Releases - Amazon auNo 31 Top 100 Paid - Amazon au 2

No 26 Top 100 Paid - Amazon au Woke up this morning to some truly awesome news. Not only is my Novella – Peril, The Legend of Sedrak featured in the Hot New Releases section on, it has also reached number 26 and 31 on the 100 Paid Bestsellers in two categories.

Even though I am still stuck in bed with horrible flu, this news has perked me up no end!

Fear and freedom

This August past marked our six year anniversary in our adopted country. Six years since we got on that plane and flew into the unknown. We had three thousand dollars in our pocket, two young children in tow and four suitcases. Zipped within its bulging frame was everything we could bring – what didn’t fit was left behind. With no job to go to in our new country and very little to go back to in our old one, we marched forward with fear and anticipation gripping our hearts. Continue reading