Getting away from it all


I am not a technophobe by any means, but every now and then I feel overwhelmed by all the gizmos and gadgets that has become part of our everyday lives. I remember a time without mobile phones and ipads. Sometimes I envy the true solitude we were able to achieve.

So, once in a while our family has an ‘off line’ day. We pack away the laptops, ipads and mobile phones. We switch off the TV and Xbox. We play word games, paint and build puzzles. We talk to each other.

On days like these I realise we can have the best of both worlds. Balance is the secret though, isn’t it.


6 thoughts on “Getting away from it all

  1. I’m a senior citizen, retired and a geek. I got involved early on with the first personal computer. I worked for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis and they put together an initial task team to teach their 45,000 employees how to use the recently released IBM PC. I volunteered to be on that team.

    My technical background in electronics lent itself to the technology path. I picked up the jargon and principles quickly and progressed through the years to where we’re at today. I use technology as an important set of tools for my interests understanding that for years it was my job to develop uses for personal computers, graphic software and mobile communications.

    I combine all the interests, including photography, into the technology available. I recognize the need to “disconnect” because the internet and social media is not a way of life for me but a means to an end, just a tool. I take public transportation often and witness 9 out of 10 people with earbuds plugged into their gadgets. That’s not for me as I find the world around me fascinating. I don’t want to isolate myself from it.

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  2. I was blessed to have my grandchildren with me this summer…we painted! we read! we played “hide-n-seek” outside (I was wondering WHAT the neighbors were thinking with me standing secretly behind the cedar tree! LOL)…I have been trying to UNglue them from technology and LIVE outdoors as much as possible—we did fairly well. Yes…balance…in all things. WE forget but we have to keep reminding ourselves and each other. Great writing!


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