Kindle Kids’ Book Creator

Kindle Kids' Book Creator

What an exciting week it’s been. I published three pieces of writing this week: My novella, PERIL, The Legend of Sedrak, my children’s short story, Little Miss Me and the kidnappers, and my children’s picture book, Why am I different, Lina’s first day at school.

The one that surprised me most was the latter for which I used the newly introduced Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience where something was actually a lot easier than I thought. And I mean A LOT! I’ve been trying to publish a kindle picture book for ages, but I simply couldn’t get the layout the way I wanted with my knowledge of ebook publishing. That is now a thing of the past. This software is super easy to use and I look forward to creating more picture books over the next few weeks and learning how to get my pictures to look sharper and more attractive on the page.


Let me know if you’ve used the software and what you thought of it!

Until later 🙂


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