The insecure writer


Anyone who has ever written a book will tell you it’s hard work. Writing a book in a language other than your own is even harder work. If you’re anything like me the editing never stops, and the nerves eat away at you like you’re their Christmas lunch.

I have a saying ‘Publishing your writing is like exposing your naked body for all to see and point out the flaws’. Now, some of you might have perfect bodies without a hint of imperfection, me, not so much. So you can imagine the horror when I found the word ‘waste’ instead of ‘waist’ in my newly published novel. This was after it had gone through a rigorous editing process (that took more than a year!). I mean, there is a world of difference between ‘waste’ and ‘waist’! Can you image:  ‘She put her arms around his waste.’ (That was not the sentence in my book, but you get the picture.)

I am an insecure writer at the best of times. I pour my heart and soul into each word, mull over it, agonise about meanings and prose and sentence structure – and then I find ‘waste’. How is that even possible?

From the moment I found the error my mind started to reel. How many more errors are there? Are any of them as bad as that one? Am I going to get a string of one star reviews that will cripple my writing career and plunge me into financial ruin?

You might not have picked it up from this piece of writing, but I am a worrier (yes, not a warrior, a worrier). Being a worrier and being a writer does not go hand in hand. On the plus side, each piece of writing makes me stronger. Each time I get a good comment or constructive criticism I learn more, because even more than a worrier and am a student, a learner, a seeker of knowledge.  And even more than that, I want to write good stories. Stories that entertain, that speak, that empower. Stories that change people.

Much love to you all.


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