Receiving a less than stellar review

2.5 stars

Yesterday I received my first 2.5 star review for my cosy novel, Peril: The Legend of Sedrak. I knew it was coming. After all, even the most successful authors get negative reviews. In many ways the review was bittersweet. Even though the reader gave the book 2.5 stars, the actual review was not that negative. The reviewer mentioned that the book idea was unlike anything she had read before. She notes the character descriptions were spot on and the character development good. She even regarded it as a good read. So all in all not too bad. This, of course, is the mark of a good book reviewer—being able to not only see the good in a book, but also those things that don’t sit so well with them.

I thought I’d be shattered when I finally received a review lower than 3 stars. I had images of my fragile ego breaking into a million pieces. The funny thing is, it didn’t. I felt an initial pang of panic when I saw the star rating and briefly wondered how it would affect readers who considered reading the book, but after reading the review I felt strangely intact—like I was somehow a bit wiser.

Shortly after, I was fervently continuing with my new novel like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Had I gotten to a point where I trusted the quality and value of my own writing? Or perhaps, after years of writing I have finally come to understand that you can’t please everyone.

Much love to you all ❤


REVIEW: The Mind Readers Series (Book 1 to 3) – Lori Brighton * * * *

The Mind Readers Series - Lori Brighton

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Please note: I decided to review the first three books of the four part series as a whole as I read them one after the other and the stories do not stand independently.

Book Description from Amazon

The Mind Readers

Cameron Winters is a freak. Fortunately, no one but her family knows the truth …that Cameron can read minds. For years Cameron has hidden behind a facade of normalcy, warned that there are those who would do her harm. When gorgeous and mysterious Lewis Douglas arrives he destroys everything Cameron has ever believed and tempts her with possibilities of freedom. Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Cameron heads to a secret haven with Lewis; a place where she meets others like her, Mind Readers. Continue reading

REVIEW: A Game of Greed and Deception – John Matthews * * * * *

A Game of Greed and Deception - John Matthews

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Book Description from Amazon

She was young and beautiful, and recently married to a very wealthy middle-aged man who considered her to be the ultimate woman for him and who held her out as a model for his beloved 10-year-old daughter. They had traveled to a mountain hideaway to celebrate their first year together as a family when things began to unravel. Her husband becomes a missing person after a treacherous car accident, but the wife prematurely celebrates her pending fortune.
What ensues is the macabre mystery drama of a woman driven by her soulless greed and self entitlement who quickly turns from the hunter to the prey. This deadly game of murder and deception will keep you on the edge of your seat. The macabre scenes include deadly traps and medieval torture devices, hidden doors and rooms, and an underground labyrinth of torture chambers built beneath the cabin. Add in the legend of a buried hoard of pure gold bars, and it becomes clear that someone has a much bigger plan in mind and will let nothing get in their way. This is a revenge mystery so devious that it is set up to fool the State police investigation. The plot twists will keep you guessing until the final scene as to what is really going on. Be ready for a real shock, but let your intuition guide you.


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REVIEW: Aster Wood and the Lost Maps of Almara (Book 1) – JB Cantwell * * * * *

Aster Woods and the Lost Maps of Almara - JB Cantwell

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Book Description from Amazon

Broken. That’s what the world is now. The Long Drought is over, but the rain that falls burns like acid on the flesh.

Twelve-year-old Aster Wood is weak compared to the other survivors who flock to the cities, the only places where a meal and fresh water can be had.

But when he finds a ragged piece of parchment in the hidden corners of his father’s childhood home, he is pulled through the cosmos to a place no one on Earth knows exists.

Here, the grass grows green. The wolves glow like the full moon. The wizards play with ancient knowledge, delighted with the simple spells that can bring dying plants back to life and make invisible that which they do not want seen.

And Aster is healthy again.

The heart condition that has plagued him since he was a toddler is suddenly absent, and Aster finds himself running, no, flying across the countryside as if he were born to do it.

Now, he must chase down the long-lost sorcerer, Almara, to discover the truth about his own family’s past. And to learn what is yet to come for Earth’s future.

Aster Wood and the Lost Maps of Almara is the first book of five in the action-packed Aster Wood series, perfect for teen adventure readers. Discover Aster Wood, the new series of middle grade fantasy books for middle school and young adult readers alike.


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REVIEW: On the Run (Book 1) – I-Lanaa Twine * * * * *

Ont he Run - Ilanaa Twine

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Book Description from Amazon

Isn’t it amazing how in a mere split second, the very essence of who you are can change forever? That in just an instant your entire life can be ripped to shreds?

One night, three years ago, my mother was torn from us. Gone, without a trace. And just like that, nothing was ever the same.

Thrust into a world of darkness and danger, my father and I were forced to flee a past that haunted us and the beasts that hunted us.

As the black walls of despair closed all around me, I felt eternally lost…

Until I found him. And he helped me find myself.

Derrick Harris was a beacon of the purest light, guiding me straight into the warmth of his heart.

But sometimes the past has a way of finding you. Lies have a way of catching up to you. And secrets never seem to stay secret for very long.

Now all that I hold dear is at stake, and I must fight to survive, or my entire world will crumble before my eyes.

I am on the run…


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Brand new book cover!

Final book cover

My brand spanking new Book Cover. I love it. My old one caused too much confusion with many people thinking the book was a Horror Novel.

I think we sometimes forget …