REVIEW: On the Run (Book 1) – I-Lanaa Twine * * * * *

Ont he Run - Ilanaa Twine

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Isn’t it amazing how in a mere split second, the very essence of who you are can change forever? That in just an instant your entire life can be ripped to shreds?

One night, three years ago, my mother was torn from us. Gone, without a trace. And just like that, nothing was ever the same.

Thrust into a world of darkness and danger, my father and I were forced to flee a past that haunted us and the beasts that hunted us.

As the black walls of despair closed all around me, I felt eternally lost…

Until I found him. And he helped me find myself.

Derrick Harris was a beacon of the purest light, guiding me straight into the warmth of his heart.

But sometimes the past has a way of finding you. Lies have a way of catching up to you. And secrets never seem to stay secret for very long.

Now all that I hold dear is at stake, and I must fight to survive, or my entire world will crumble before my eyes.

I am on the run…



On The Run by Ilanaa Twine is a wonderfully imaginative story that kept my interest right up to the end, and had me wishing the second book in the series was already available. It stars Jade, a young girl constantly on the run from horrific creatures who threaten her very existence. To avoid certain death she moves from town to town with her father while they search for a mysterious person known to us only as Davrius.

What I liked about the book

I loved all the interesting and complicated characters. Keith, Jade’s father, is downright adorable and I could just picture his sweet love for her. On the other hand he is flawed and haunted by past events. Derrick did not pique my romantic interest. Too perfect, too rich, overall too nice, but I have the feeling that I’d be in the minority in my opinion of him. He obviously cares for Jade though, that has to count for something. For me the book really started when Nuption entered the scene. Is he good? Is he bad? There is definitely more to his story, and I can’t wait to find out exactly what his deal is. I also loved how the book was not genre limited. There are fantasy as well as paranormal and Si-fi elements.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

The whole teenage drama thing with Cassandra. It was tedious and I found myself skimming over it. Never mind though, as it didn’t last long and the story progressed beyond that.

Final thoughts

This was a truly enjoyable book. Action, romance, mysterious and often times deadly creatures – what more can one ask for.



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