REVIEW: With Blood and Scars – B.E. Andre *****

With Blood and Scars - BE Andre

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Time is running out for Ania. She needs to ask her dying father a vital question; his answer is the key to how she will lead the rest of her life. She must force him to revisit his childhood in Poland in 1944, a time when decisions about survival were made on the spur of the moment, a place where chaos undermined all previous morality. Who is her father really? Can she bear to find out?
Another secret also torments her: an incident she filed in her memory store. Now the police have found the remains of a child in Whalley Range. Should she try to find the gang of friends from her own childhood days? Or should she keep the secret of what happened then?
This coming-of-age novel is a tale of heroic survival against all odds: a life-affirming story of courage and hope set against harrowing circumstances. It celebrates the goodness that can be found in all nations.


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Finding great books by unknown authors

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When it comes to books, my mission is to find those unknown ones that contain great stories. Tales that transport the reader into another world. Stories that amaze, excite, scare, thrill, swoon and teach me all kinds of stuff I never thought of or dared to dream about.

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