REVIEW: Each Day a Small Victory – Chips Hardy (Illustrated by Oscar Grillo) ****

Each Day a Small Victory - Chips Hardy, Oscar Grillo

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Meet Max. He’s made a name for himself as a rabid psychopath who uses random acts of violence to instigate a campaign of terror. He feels his blood thirsty reputation is undeserved and wants to set the record straight. The countryside will never be the same again.



Each Day a Small Victory by Chip Hardy is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It features a murderous Stoat named Max and, as the title suggests, the story centers on the everyday struggle for survival most animals face. This is not a children’s book.

What I liked about the book

I like how the book creeped me out. This might sound like a strange statement, but I do enjoy books that evoke strong emotions in me. Max really was a Psychopathic predator, who had no problem ripping innocent little creatures to pieces. Aside from Max, there were a myriad of interesting characters introduced throughout the book – they fall into two categories, either they’re hunting or they’re being hunted. Often times the hunter becomes the hunted with a flick of the page. I really liked the Crows – best bad guys ever! The other thing I really enjoyed was seeing humans and human interaction from the point of view of the animals.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

The story didn’t move forward enough for me, and because of that I had no real urgency in getting the book finished. It’s a pity because the concept was so incredibly interesting.

Final thoughts

 This was an enjoyable read in a gross kind of way. It brought the harsh reality of animal life home with heart wrenching reality.



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