Finding great books by unknown authors

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When it comes to books, my mission is to find those unknown ones that contain great stories. Tales that transport the reader into another world. Stories that amaze, excite, scare, thrill, swoon and teach me all kinds of stuff I never thought of or dared to dream about.

Whether you’re a ferocious reader who consumes books by the thousands, or a casual reader who dabble in the pleasure every now and again, I think we can all agree that finding a great book is a marvelous gift.

In the last few years I’ve taken to reading on a device, my preference being Kindle. If you’ve ever been on a site like Amazon you could well appreciate the vast array of books on offer.  I like to read books by unknown authors. Yes, it would be easier to read books by tried and tested writers or  authors who are riding the wave of current hype. I only need to look at the best sellers list to find any number of amazing tales to satisfy my reading cravings. The problem is: I take particular pleasure in finding that hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. I have a theory you see – many truly gifted writers will never be on the best sellers list, will never make large amounts of money or even enough to allow them to write full time. There are simply too many books, and too few great writers who can afford to advertise theirs to find its way in front of the majority of readers.

The world of virtual bookshelves are vast and the choices seemingly endless. For readers like me, who avoid the best sellers lists, who are looking for great reads by unknown authors, how do readers like me find the beautiful jewel that is a great book? How can one go about discovering that pièce de résistance?

Many readers rely on reviews, others use book covers to help them decide, still others read the ‘blurb’ and if this little preview draws them in, the book is as well as bought. Some use a combination of the three aforementioned methods – in years past I have certainly done that. But, none of these methods satisfied me. I would find a book with a great cover, but the writing or content left much to be desired. Sometimes the ‘blurb’ sounded amazing, but failed to transfer onto the actual story. Reviews, of course, are highly personal, can be bought and does not always accurately reflect a book’s true value.

In my quest to find amazing books by unknown authors, I finally stumbled unto a method that has proven successful more times than not. It involves making use of the ‘sample’ feature on Amazon. I find books with few or no Reviews and I download a sample. Simple ass! When the time comes for me to search for a new hidden gem, I download as many as ten samples to my iPad Kindle. Then I start reading. I usually give a book around three chapters, if by then it has not drawn me in, I move on to the next.

Using this method I’ve been amazed at the fantastic tales I’ve been privileged to read. Books that might never become best sellers, even though many times I believe they deserve to be right up there.

In the meantime I will continue my quest to find great books written by unknown authors, in the hope that they won’t stay unknown for too long.

Much love ❤


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