Committed Passion


The New Year usually ushers in a whole range of new ideals, expectations and resolutions. For many it hails that time of the year when we strive to achieve more balance in our lives. We introduce new exercise regimes, plan how to spend more time with our kids/parents/life partners. We aim to eat less, drink less, procrastinate less. In short we make attempts to move away from the negative and toward a more positive way of life.

Many of us get a couple of months into the New Year with all these noble aspirations already a distant memory – others might make it to the middle of the year before their good intentions fall by the way side. Few make it to the end of the year having achieved the goals they set for themselves.

So, the question arises: Can you change what is sometimes a lifetime of bad habits, by simply resolving to do so? I am not using the word ‘resolve’ loosely. I use it in this context ‘to decide firmly on a course of action’. Let’s rephrase the question, shall we? Can you change what is sometimes a lifetime of bad habits if you decide firmly to do so? The answer to this question for each one of us personally is directly proportioned to the amount of passion we have toward specific changes we strive for in our lives.

To be passionate about something immediately implies a certain degree of commitment. However, we can claim to be passionate about a sports team while also claiming to be passionate about reducing world hunger – the difference is, and will always be, how much we are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of that passion. How much are you willing to commit to it in spite of yourself.

For example, should our ideals for the next year include more exercise, but we decide to forgo the sweat whenever there is something good on TV, questions should be asked about our true commitment to our goal.

As I look back on my life I can see a clear correlation between the things I feel passionate about, and the resolutions I tend to stick to. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I can truly succeed in any resolution is if I increase my passion and thereby my commitment to it. If I am passionate about reading, I will make the time to read. If I am passionate about writing, I will find time to write. Same goes for work, family, exercise, diet and so forth and so on. The world is full of examples of people who succeed against all odds, I would venture to say that passion and commitment played a vital part in their success.

So this year, before I attempt to change my life for the better, I will inflame my ideals with passion, examine my true commitment, and then go for gold.

Much love ❤


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