The world of Peril, The Legend of Sedrak

When writing a book it may surprise some to learn not all details within the writer’s imagination make it into the final product. Oftentimes a world is built within the limitless confines of the writer’s mind and it would be near impossible for each of these thoughts to find their way onto the pages of your favourite novel.

In response to a myriad of email requests I decided to post a bit of the planning that went into my Novella—Peril, The Legend of Sedrak. Some of these made it into the book and some did not.

I hope you enjoy reading and as always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!

 Names of people and places

  • Sedrak – Derived from the word ‘Draak’ which in my native language (Afrikaans) means ‘Dragon’.
  • The pronunciation of most of the names contained in the book uses sounds from the Afrikaans language as well, e.g. Keipura – the ‘ei’ sound is pronounced the same as the ‘ai’ sound in ‘rain’. The ‘u’ sound is pronounced the same as ‘oo’ sound in ‘pool’ (but less drawn out). The ‘a’ sound is pronounced the same as the ‘a’ sound in ‘bard’. So like this:  ‘Kaipoora’
  • Some names like ‘Hemi’ was taken from the Maori language.

 Keipura Island

Keipura Island is shaped like a diamond and divided into Regions occupied by various Clans.

There are five main Clans on Keipura:

The Kindaki – Occupies the Waio Region (North West)
The Saroi – Occupies the Netu Region (North East)
The Bakoni – Occupies the Jaki Region (East)
The Daroza – Occupies the Mora Region (South East)
The Kasku – Occupies the Aika Region (South West)

The Great Clan War changed much of how things were. The most noticeable change is that the Clans are not as Region bound as they once were. Due to the Debt of Honour owed to the Daroza, many Clan members originally from other Regions made Mora their home.

Some interesting landmarks on Keipura Island include:

  • Dinja Forest. On the border of the Waio and Aika Regions, home to the Telike Bird that is native to the Aika Region.
  • The Mountain Ranges of Waio.  A vast Mountain Range along the coast of the Waio Region.
  • The Meibi River. Separates the Netu from the Jaki Region and provides water for both the Saroi and Bakoni Clans.
  • Jaki Mountains. Beautiful and majestic.
  • Mount Kashu. Volcanic Mountain found in the Mora Region. It erupts approximately once every five hundred years.



  Rakisha is the daughter of Hemi and Jacintha.  She was born on Keipura Island. Paternally Raki hails from the Kindaki Clan who originally settled in the Waio Region. From stories told she learned that her mother’s family settled in the Mora Region as part of the Debt of Honour owed to the Daroza.

When Raki  was five years old her mother died tragically, making her father her sole parent. She has a close relationship with her Paternal Grandmother and visits her once a year as part of the annual trip to the Homeland.

A hunter by trade, Raki enjoys spending time outdoors and is skilled with both a bow and a dagger. She sometimes struggles with self-confidence.



 Jakail’s presence on Keipura was originally shrouded in mystery. He has no affiliation to the Island or any of the Clans that occupy it. He hardly ever speaks of his homeland and keeps to himself whenever possible. With no living family members, Jakail is an orphan whose main aim in life is to complete the mission passed down from his ancestors.

Within his dark demeanour, he hides his identity and purpose. The chance meeting with Raki changes his well laid plans and forces him to re-evaluate his priorities.

Jakail has a strong sense of destiny and most of what he does furthers his journey toward what he believes he was meant to be and do.


An ancient spirit demon that destroys mainly through the use of fire. He has the ability to transform into a beautiful translucent spirit that appears human in form.  He doesn’t have any qualms about making use of human allies when it suits his needs.

The Island of Gigamal


 Gigamal is a place of wonder and amazement. An ancient Island ruled by an ancient Queen.

With an air of strangeness that surrounds it, the Island’s quiet, pointy eared occupants exist in a state of peaceful calm. Gigamal is not a stranger to strife though, and bears the scars of Sedrak’s destruction in years past.

As well as housing the Wall containing a comprehensive record of the many faces of Sedrak, the Island is also known for holding sources of Wisdom in its Library.

While on Gigamal, Raki and Jakail become acquainted with Queen Shakina, her right-hand man Monnel and the beautiful Anthea amongst others.

The Island of Turonia


 A land of contrasts, the Island of Turonia boasts both dry barren landscapes, and lush green ones. Occupying the Island is the race of Turonians, a hairless, wrinkled breed of creatures who are brutish in look and behaviour.  With their large eyes and wide noses they seem, to some, to be almost animal-like.

The Island is also the hiding place of Ango, The Wizard of Light, descendant of Cusma, who was hunted down and killed by Sedrak.

On Turonia, Raki and Jakail go in search of the Wizard of Light and Raki discovers a destiny beyond her wildest dreams.


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    1. I think a lot of the fun about writing a story is in the creation of all the little bits and pieces. For me it makes the story come alive in my mind! Fantastic part of the creation process 🙂

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