What was my effect on the world today?

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Mahatma Gandhi said: ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Even though most people would nod their heads in agreement and then sprout into an instant moral philosopher, many of us, if we dissect the meaning behind this quote, would start squirming with discomfort.

What are the changes we would like to see in the world? A more tolerant society perhaps? People loving each other more, being kinder to one another? Would we like to see less war, less strife? Do we wish the TV screen wouldn’t bombard us with  starving, displaced human beings that cause us to change the channel and then feel guilty about it? Would we like to see the end of child abuse, slavery, oppression? If we put our minds to it, we could attempt to make an endless list of all the things we would like to change in the world.

But, let’s be realistic and take stock – which of the things on your list called ‘A changed world’ do you have direct or indirect influence or control over? The point of this post is not to answer this question for you, but to make you think about the differences you can make. Everyday, in everything we do, we make decisions about the world we live in, the way we treat people, the way we treat ourselves. So I suppose what I’d like us to consider is our impact on the world.

What would happen if we sit down every night and think on this. Did my words and actions today heal or harm? Did they build up or break down? Did I treat those different to me with dignity or reproach? Did I help someone out of the ditch, or push them in?

Much love xxx


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