Things of interest and interesting things

ink blots

There are some things in life that simply fascinate. For instance, isn’t it astonishing that, when ten people look at the above two pictures, each one’s mind is likely to see something different.

When someone asked me the other day to note the one thing in life that interests me most, I did not hesitate. The most interesting aspect of life for me must most certainly have to be people. The way we think, interact and behave is a never ending source of wonder and confusion. Who among us have not followed the comments on a controversial Blog or Facebook page in a state of morbid fascination at people’s bad behaviour, or marveled at some news story where a stranger risks their life for another?

There are few things as mind boggling and mysterious as just how we as humans think and act. After all, whole fields of study have been dedicated to human behaviour and I sometimes wonder if we’re any closer to truly understanding our own nature.

In my line of work I have witnessed both the true depravity of human nature as well as the enormous triumph of defeating the parts within us that drive us to evil. But you don’t have to work in a specialised field to observe these things – we only need to look around us to find humans of both exceptional and not so exceptional character. In actual fact, we don’t even have to look as far as that – our own thinking and behaviour can be equally eye opening.

But this post is about things of interest and interesting things, and I am well aware that what I find fascinating could likely be a borefest to someone else. So I wanted to find out what my fellow bloggers find interesting. What makes you sit up and take notice? What do you spend long hours pondering on?

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