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I’m looking for a few more reviews for my novella Peril, The Legend of Sedrak (Mythology/Thriller/Romance/Fantasy).  If you’re interested, please let me know in the comments below (include an email address) or send me a message on

I can provide a Kindle or PDF copy.

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Think on this . . .


REVIEW: Every Breath You Take – Bianca Sloane * * * * *

Every breath you take - Bianca Sloane

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Natalie Scott goes jogging along Chicago’s lakefront. She likes foreign films, cinnamon gum and strawberry yogurt. She smells like sunflowers in the summer and roses in the winter.

These are just a few of the things Natalie’s stalker knows about her.

In fact, he knows everything about her.

In one brutal act of violence, Natalie’s stalker will reveal himself to her, imprisoning her in the process, determined to own her body and soul. Now trapped in a madman’s web, Natalie will find herself in a terrifying battle of wills where the only way to survive is to beat the monster at his own game. . .


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REVIEW: Elemental Rancor (Book 1) – Charles Lominec * * * *

Elemental Rancor (Book 1) - Charles Lominec

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A far away star supernovas and sends waves of force and change rippling through the cosmos. The waves crash into Sarnen Karnea’s world and thrust him into a deadly struggle to keep his loved ones from harm and to keep a secret about his son from the Zangava Empire.

The waves awaken new and old forms of consciousness, and stir ancient primordial resentments, that threaten to destabilize the Empire’s dominance in the world. Challengers from across the ocean, and from under it, seek to capitalize on newly developing Imperial problems.

Like the Empire, Sarnen must adapt to survive, and must ask himself which of his virtues he is willing to deny in order to reach his goals.


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Bits from the book

“I didn’t take you to be the lying type.” He sounded almost sad.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to point fingers!”

He glared at me, his eyes narrowing in a frown.

“You read the writings,” I challenged. “You knew I could in fact kill Sedrak yet you made me believe I couldn’t.”

“You can’t kill him!” His anger exploded.

Peril, The Legend of Sedrak – A Novella

Let’s talk werewolves


I should probably start with a warning. This post is an in-jest look at the phenomenon of werewolves. I’ve read my share of werewolf stories and seen many a werewolf movie, and whenever I indulge in these tales, strange thoughts pop into my mind. Like for instance:

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REVIEW: Committed – K Larson * * *

Committed - K Larsen

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As Elle tries to pursue love and life to its fullest one person from her past threatens to steal everything she’s worked for. Forever.

In the stunning conclusion to ’30 Days’ Elle and Colin find themselves ripped apart without warning. As Colin desperately tries to find Elle she’s desperately trying not to lose her mind.

Joe, Colin, Jenna and Ben work hard to find and rescue Elle but even if they get her to safety will she ever really be safe? Will her life ever really be her own or will she and Colin always be looking over their shoulders wondering…waiting.


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