The beauty of New Zealand

In New Zealand today we celebrate Waitangi Day. On the 6th of February 1840 at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands, one of the most significant events in New Zealand History took place – a treaty was signed by a number of Iwi (tribes) and the Crown. This is the simplified version of what would prove to be a complicated and controversial subject which is still discussed and debated even today.

Having lived in New Zealand for a number of years, I continue to be awed by the lovely people who occupy this small set of islands tucked far away from everything and everyone. They are a proud people, who cherish freedom and work tirelessly to better their communities.

all blacks

During my years here, I have been privileged to be welcomed and accepted by these lovely ‘Kiwi’s’ despite my ancestor’s reputation as racists, despite my strange and sometimes confusing accent and dialect peculiarities. I’ve watched as my children were embraced by the Kiwi education system that spared no expense to manage my son’s special needs, thereby enabling him to soar to heights we never thought possible.

As if the beauty of the people in this vastly multi-cultural wonderland isn’t enough, The Land of the Long White Cloud has possibly the most awe-inspiring natural beauty on earth. From snow-capped mountains and lush green meadows, to rocky, black cliffs and deep dark caves, Aotearoa has it all. It’s like a thousand countries cramped into this tiny little package that is New Zealand.

So today, on this special day I reminisce on the haven I now call home, and I hope that in years to come we will continue to work on the many challenges that face our small but rich country – our beautiful cultural filled country.

Much love XXX


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