Being different


Why are most of us so concerned with what others think of us? This question really grabbed hold of me when I overheard a young mum tell her daughter the other kids will laugh at her should she choose to wear a specific little skirt she spotted in the shop. The girl reluctantly returned the garment and proceeded to choose another skirt – pink, with little flowers. Mum was happy with this one.

Many years ago I met a guy who didn’t give one iota about people’s opinions. I ended up marrying him and our personalities was, and still is, like oil and water. But, somehow it works. Over the years I continued to worry about people’s opinions of me, and over the years he tended to care even less about what other’s think, if that is possible. I scold him sometimes, while secretly wishing I could emulate his nonchalance – he knows this and chuckles to himself.

I read somewhere that our concern with other people’s thoughts of us are indicative of our own low self image. If this is true, it surely is a sad state of affairs since I know very few people who truly do not care what others think of them. It’s as if we somehow crave the acceptance of those around us and seek out approval for who we are.

I’ve staged a sometimes passive and sometimes active fight against my own insecurities in this regard. I analyse and think on my progress and sometimes lack thereof. Searching my inner self, I look for the reasons behind this phenomenon.

I teach my children being different is wonderful, awesome and necessary. I tell them to wear what they’re comfortable in and think for themselves. I remind them the opinions of other’s are not as important as how you see yourself – that you should first and foremost be a person YOU can be proud of.

Much love XXX


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