I support Indie Authors

Over the years I’ve heard much talk about the quality of writing when it comes to Indie Authors. Often the consensus is, Indie Authors cannot now and will not ever be able to compete on the same level as traditionally published writers. I wish to disagree. Do we find mediocre quality among Indie Authors? Of Course. But, we have a similar problem with traditionally published books – below par editing, spelling and formatting issues, atrocious grammar. I’ve found all this and more in traditionally published books. On the other hand, I’ve read self published books that are not only beautifully written, but to a professional standard that could hold a candle to any traditionally published book.

I’m not blind to some of the above issues in Indie Publishing. I’ve struggled through my own writing and have first hand experience in the difficulties that exist when publishing your work. The fact of the matter is, no one’s book is perfect. Some writers are better at their craft than others, some spend more time and effort on polishing their stories and we have to remember that, just like any other skill, the more writing is practiced, the better one gets at it.

I am a great support of Indie Authors. I love that I never really know what I’m going to get. The freedom Self Publishing affords writers mean there are more experimenting, no one trying to squeeze you into the ‘flavour of the day mould’.

My hope is that Indie Authors will continue to improve their craft, while staying unique.

Much love XXX


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