Meet Poemf


This here is Poemf. Originally Chuck – as in Chuck Norris. We got Poemf via a friend from work, and one of the first things he did was to attack everything in sight. We thought ‘this is a little thunderbolt, a fighter’. First impressions are often wrong.

Before long we noticed ‘Chuck’ did not like chasing birds. In fact, he was scared to death of them. More than once he was embarrassingly  chased by little sparrows, hiding behind the curtain in fear for his life. The other thing we noticed was how ‘Chuck’ loved to smooch. He wasn’t content just to lie on your lap, he wanted to be kissed and stroked. He wanted to get as close to you as he possibly could, rubbing his cute little nose on yours while purring like a tractor.

There were other things too – his love of cuddly toys, his abhorrence of anything violent, the way he once worked up the courage and tried to befriend a crow, only to receive the cold shoulder and then proceeded to mope all day.

After a while it became abundantly clear being named after a renowned Martial Artist who starred in countless action movies, was a dire insult to our soft little kitty. He was a lover, you see, not a fighter. And so, almost naturally, the name Poemf was assigned. It describes so well his dishevelled ‘mattress explosion’ look when he wakes up from a long sleep and is an accurate description of his softness, both in appearance and personality.

So this here is Poemf. He’s a lover, not a fighter and we love him.

Much love XXX


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