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30 Days - K Larsen

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Abused by her husband. Dealing with the loss of her only sister. A suicide attempt that doesn’t end in death and a husband who wants her inheritance. Elle’s life is a catastrophe. But she has a list and thirty things she’s determined to accomplish. Love isn’t on that list but it comes crashing unexpectedly into her life.

Ryan’s current lifestyle requires a lot of funds, he likes his toys. He married his wife knowing she had a hefty inheritance and is bent on securing it for himself by any means possible.

Boxing coach and personal trainer at the gym he co-owns, Colin’s content with his life. Until a chance meeting with a woman eating alone at a restaurant sets his heart in motion. As secrets unveil themselves his only goal becomes holding on to what he’s found.

Dr. Rand is floundering in the wake of his wife leaving him. His alimony payments are forcing him towards bankruptcy at an alarming rate. When he’s offered a large lump sum that would solve his problems, he takes it, condemning an innocent woman to a life of misery.



I downloaded 30 Days by K Larsen for free from Amazon. I honestly struggled with the first Chapter and was just about to put it down when I got into the flow of the book. Once the story hooked me, I found it hard to put down. Elle’s story is one of pain and neglect, and I was very soon rooting for her.

What I liked about the book

For the most part Elle was a very likeable character. I felt her pain and wanted her to be free from the dreadful situation she found herself in. The book was well written with thought provoking descriptions and a clear storyline. I thoroughly disliked Ryan, which I’m sure was the point. His abrasive personality and abuse made me ball my fists in anger! Colin was sweet – perhaps a bit too sweet. A bit more shade in his character would’ve made him more realistic. I mean, no one is just nice without a few rough edges.

The story progressed well with the characters revealing more about themselves and their dreams for the future.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

I usually enjoy first person POV, but this one was written from the first person point of view of more than one person. One of the things I love about first person narrative is that you are limited in what you see and experience – you see, hear and feel things as if you are the character. That is the beauty of First Person POV as it heightens the mystery and intrigue of the story. I would have preferred just experiencing things from Elle’s POV.

Instalove. I’m not fond of Instalove. I concede that people can and do have instant attraction, but this was more than that and for me it was distracting ‘cause my mind kept saying ‘but you’ve only just met!’

Final thoughts

Apart from the niggles mentioned above, I really enjoyed this book. It ended in a horrible cliffhanger, so make sure you have the second book ready and waiting otherwise you might go nuts with anticipation.



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