REVIEW: Surrogate – Tim Adler * * * *

Surrogate - Tim Adler

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How much is your child worth?

That’s the question Hugo and Emily Cox must answer when they get a ransom
demand for their child – from Alice, the surrogate mother they paid to carry
their baby.

The police are helpless. No law has been broken — the
baby belongs to their surrogate. And Hugo has a secret he’s keeping from his
wife that makes their search even more desperate.

Now Hugo and Emily must find their missing
daughter… even if it costs them everything they own.

Fans of Elizabeth Haynes, Sophie Hannah and Mark Edwards will love this
gripping and fast-moving thriller.



Surrogate by Tim Adler is a remarkable twisted tale of love, lust, greed and revenge. Hugo Cox has met the perfect woman. A woman who tamed his wild streak and fulfilled his dreams. They get married, and soon after his new bride starts talking about having a baby. She yearns for a child to the point of obsession. But, things go wrong, and like so many unfortunate couples they are given the dreadful news that they would never naturally become parents. There are options of course, adoption or perhaps a surrogate…

What I liked about the book

I loved the many twists and turns, the way the story kept me wondering what would happen next. From the beginning I had an uncomfortable feeling about the surrogate—something just wasn’t right, she wasn’t right. But I actually had no idea just how bad things were going to get.

I liked how the main character, Hugo Cox was so thoroughly human. Here is a man who has a beautiful wife, who is desperate for a child and he makes a decision so flawed that it could spell the end of his marriage, and then he tries to justify it to himself!

I really enjoyed the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat suspense. There really was no good way this could end.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

As mentioned above, Hugo Cox is very human indeed. Most times I thought he was a jerk. I wish I could’ve liked him more.

Final thoughts

I very much enjoyed this book. The story was well written and the plot had a realistic conclusion—quite a feat with the many twists revealed throughout the book. I will look for more of this author’s work.




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