Looking for some good Indie books. Do you need a review?

Okay, so I’m trying something new. I’ve gotten to a stage where I’m looking for some new reading material and am therefore looking for good Indie books to read and review. I read most genres but am a bit picky with some things. I avoid Erotica, Vampires and Werewolves (unless it’s in the vein of Bram Stoker’s Dracula). Once your character starts making out with a werewolf, I’m outta there. I’ll only read a series if all the books in the series are available. I know this makes me sound pedantic, but my time is precious and I don’t want to waste it on stuff I don’t enjoy. I read for pleasure.

My favourite genres are short Fantasies, Psychological thrillers and Mysteries. Having said that, I’ll give most books a go if they’re well written.

I read in Kindle Format.

Some things to take note of:  I do not HAVE to read your book. I will download a sample from Amazon and if the sample draws me in, my usual practice is then to buy the book. If I decide not to read and/or review your book, I reserve the right not to send notification of such or to give reasons why I made that decision.

Please also note, I work full time, have a family and am working on my own writing projects. I am also not a millionaire, so am limited in just how much I can spend on books each month. Therefore, you will have to be patient.

This is not a Review Swap offer. If you would like to read my novella and review it, I would, of course, be most pleased, but it will not affect my book review choices.

IF all the above conditions haven’t yet made you run in the other direction, you can leave an Amazon link to your book in the comments section.



24 thoughts on “Looking for some good Indie books. Do you need a review?

  1. This is not my book. It was written by Kirk Millson. I reviewed it for him. It’s a sort of memoir about a trip he took to Central American with his 13-year-old son. I no longer have Mr. Millson’s email address, but he does have a facebook account. You might be able to reach him to request a review copy from there. It is one of the finest SPA books I’ve ever read. I reviewed it myself, and I believe I posted my review on my blog. I think this book would make a great movie, but it didn’t gain much traction. At any rate, here’s the link: http://smile.amazon.com/000-Miles-Fatherhood-Surviving-Moonshine-ebook/dp/B00JIWKSJO


  2. Hello – I saw your post on Goodreads that were looking for new books to review. I would love if you reviewed my book The Bad Present. The Amazon link is here: http://www.amazon.com/Bad-Present-James-E-Mendenhall/dp/0991346300/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426959190&sr=8-1&keywords=the+bad+present+mendenhall

    Here is the link on Goodreads if you’d like to see what other people have thought of it: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23885778-the-bad-present

    Best regards,


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  3. Hi, Jackie!

    I saw your thread on Goodreads, and I would be delighted if you’d consider reading my novel. ^-^ The book is a science fiction set in the midst of a galactic war waged between mankind and an alien organization. Told from both human and alien points of view, the story follows an unlikely team as they embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the planet Calypsis.

    I’ve included the book’s full description along with the link below.



    It’s the year 2438. Ten years ago, an ill-fated encounter on a mining world
    triggered a devastating war between the United Nations Planetary Defense
    and an alien organization known as the Drocain Royal Empire.

    With no sign of a conclusion in sight, and with mankind’s very existence at
    stake, the men and women of the UNPD have been forced into desperation.

    When Corporal Alana Carmen stumbles upon an encrypted communications
    device, she learns that there is more to the conflict than a simple war-for-
    worlds, and to uncover the truth, she must make allies of those she once
    considered enemies.

    And now, the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on the shoulders of a single
    alien warrior . . .

    After being publicly shamed at his own Coming of Age ceremony, Kenon
    Valinquint enrolls in the Drocain Royal Empire in the hope of one day
    redeeming himself.

    Unbeknownst to the young Drahkori warrior, this decision has set in motion
    a staggering chain of events that could very well change the direction of the
    war, and the known history of the universe, forever.

    Brittany M. Willows

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  4. Hi Jackie,

    I saw your recent post on Goodreads about being interested in finding new material to read.

    I note that you have a Kindle and like short fantasy. Perhaps you would like to try out my short story collection ‘Impromptu Scribe’ available as a Kindle edition here:


    Look forward to hearing from you in due course.

    Many thanks.

    Best wishes, Alex

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  5. Hello, Jackie,

    Many thanks for your offer! I’m re-issuing my gothic, THE SHIMMERING STONES OF WINTER’S LIGHT this week on AMAZON and if you read gothic mysteries, I’d appreciate your taking a look at this book.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Constance Walker


    “Ye have been here before, child. Ye cannot deny it.”

    As an infant, Gwynneth Morys was left in a basket on the steps of a simple cottage in the South of Wales. Now, the kindly couple who raised her have died: she is an orphan once again, totally alone in the world with only her odd, recurring dreams—dreams of a towering mansion on the moors…a beautiful lady in a pale green gown…a tall man whose dark eyes speak of love.

    Bereft of funds and family, Gwynneth has no choice but to accept the only offer of work to come her way—a position as a companion to an elderly woman in the North of Wales. And as Gwynneth approaches the many-turreted manor house rising out of the mist, close by the fog-enshrouded moors and still closer to the roiling sea, she knows that this is the place she has dreamed of all her life.

    But not even in her dreams was Gwynneth aware of the tragic death of Lady Jane’s only daughter, or the dark desire for vengeance that still burns in the old woman’s heart. Nor does she guess that an enemy—her enemy—lurks among the shadowy towers, waiting for her to climb a certain flight of stairs to the one turret from which there could be no escape…and no one to hear her plea for mercy

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  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. I am working through the list and will post reviews of the books I end up reading. If you want you can keep and eye on my blog and also the sidebar which contains my Goodreads ‘currently reading’ list. I will work through the suggestions as quickly as I can. 🙂

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  7. Hi there Jackie,

    ‘The Everything’ is a bit on the unclassifiable side (which is making getting a review or two an uphill struggle!) but I guess Speculative Fiction is close enough. It’s available as an EPUB, MOBI, PDF, paperback, hardback, tapestry, illuminated manuscript and cave painting (limited edition that last one). If interested, it’s at https://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Everything-Richard-C-Cox-ebook/dp/B00JNVEEMM/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

    Best wishes,

    Richard Cox

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  8. Hiya 🙂 I found you through Goodreads, and I was hoping you might do a review on my newly self-published story “Survivors: Secrets”. It’s a YA, Post-Apocalyptic story, currently free to download on Amazon. I’m looking for readers and reviewers who LOVE books to give me honest reviews 🙂

    I understand this may not appeal to you, and you probably get a lot of review requests all the time, but I couldn’t not try.

    Lacey Young is a survivor. So is her sister, her best friend, and all the other young adults they share a hotel with now that the world has ended.

    Lacey Young is a leader. That’s why when the lives of her crew and the people she loves become endangered, she must go against the odds and fight to take back what is theirs.

    However, with secrets and betrayal as common as the grains of sand that smother the landscape, what once appeared to be a big problem threatens to become a tragedy. Blood is spilled, friendships are tested, and all the while the lurking threat that’s responsible for sending the world into chaos is closer than they all think.

    Lacey has a secret. A secret she’s been repressing and hiding from those closest to her. It’s a secret that she knows can help save her friends and bring back some small semblance of peace.

    But at what cost?


    It’s available in both the UK and the USA, so you can change the link to whichever suits you 🙂

    I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    Violet x


  9. Hi Jackie,

    My name is Nick Wisseman, and I’m an author in Bear Lake, MI. I saw your post in the Good Reviews group on Goodreads, and I was wondering if you’d be willing to review my new novel The Red Wraith. It’s a historical fantasy set in Early America. The protagonist is a Native American who becomes the focus for magic’s reentry into the world.

    If you’re interested, here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013O6RQCG/edgescienceficti

    I’m hoping for reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and wherever else you feel like posting.




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