REVIEW: Corridors Of My Mind – Angel Chadwick * * * * *

Corridors of My Mind - Angel Chadwick

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A nonfiction work; a memoir about certain aspects of the author’s life, family and community written by the author in the form of literary poetry.



This is the first poetry collection I’ve read. It is also the first of Angel Chadwick’s work I’ve sampled. To say that I was thoroughly impressed is an understatement.

Because this book is so different from the ones I usually review, I decided to forgo my regular format and simply tell you what I thought.

This collection consists of 132 beautifully worded poems. Some are haunting, some are humorous. Some broke my heart while others made me blush. I am not a poetry connoisseur, so I was surprised how much I enjoyed this collection. I found the writing to be superb, the words on the page like sparkling gems demanding attention. Some of the poems I read again and again, turning their meaning around in my mind and wondering what lay behind them. My favourite is most definitely ‘Let me be’. Here’s a short extract.

Let me feel the touch of your voice

The lingering softness of your mouth

Let me see your soulful eyes and the desire in them

Let me feel your embrace; the depth of its warmth 

This book is simply beautiful and will remain on my ‘best reads’ list for some time.




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