Review Spotlight – Peril, The Legend of Sedrak

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Amazon review by Samantha – Peril, The Legend of Sedrak

This book is so gripping. From the moment I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. The characters are instantly likeable and they are the sort of characters that you soon care about. Despite it being a fantasy book there is also an everyday ordinary aura to it. It is a great balance to it. Rake and Jakail are interesting and work well together. There is a spark to them, and they drive the story forward well. They seem alive and active, and have minds of their own.

The story flow well and it is easy to feel that you are a part of the book. It is easy to follow and stay with the story. There is an excitement to this book and it is brilliantly written. I found the descriptiveness to be good. it gave enough information to allow images to form, but enough room to allow each reader to visualise it their own way.

Overall this is a very enjoyable read. It is an ideal book to curl up with on a winter’s night. This book is a YA fantasy book, but if you are older (like me) don’t be put off picking it up.

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