REVIEW: Impromptu Scribe – Alex Morritt * * * *

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Whether it be nail-biting courtroom suspense surrounding a celebrity star on trial; the tear-jerking return journey of an ageing war veteran to the battlefield of his youth; an hilarious account from a dog’s perspective of the eccentric clientele that frequent his master’s restaurant; a bittersweet tale of a vendetta waged by a young girl denied her favourite ice cream; or the adrenalin-fuelled adventures of a terminal cancer patient turned base jumper – these make up just a handful of examples of what to expect in this riveting short story collection. ‘Immensely Visual’ and ‘Highly Versatile’ are by far the most frequently recurring descriptions of the author’s bold style of writing given by early reviewers of ‘Impromptu Scribe’, his début short story collection.



Impromptu Scribe is a great collection of short stories for all tastes. The collection doesn’t follow a theme which means there is a wide variety of topics.

What I liked about the book

The stories were well written and I could find something for every mood. I particularly enjoyed Hubert and Hector and found the story being told from the dog’s point of view interesting and funny. Alex Morritt did a great job in his descriptions and I loved how I was able to visualise each story.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

My only niggle, and it is not exclusive to this collection of short stories, is that I sometimes felt the stories were not finished. As if they were more Flash Fiction than short story. I would love to see some of the stories expanded on.

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. It is ideal for a tea time or lunch time read or a quick trip on the bus. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more work from this author.



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