REVIEW: Last Straw – David Rheem JARRETT * * *

Last Straw - David Rheem Jarrett

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If you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price. Vengeance is not always the province of the Lord.

LAST STRAW tells the story of such a man — tough, resourceful Thomas Pickering, robbed of his future by unscrupulous financiers and betrayed by an unfaithful wife — who finally snaps. He makes it his mission to punish those who wronged him in very creative and ugly ways. He finds he is good at dispensing justice and begins to enjoy the game.

Mike Kingman and Tess Brogan, two young police officers, themselves embroiled in an escalating affair, are assigned to investigate his crimes and discover enough evidence to arrest and convict him. In the human chess game they are playing, Pickering has the advantage. They have rules they must follow — he does not.

From the Berkeley hills, to the Ghost Fleet of ships in Suisun Bay, to the towering Campanile in the center of the University of California campus, Pickering is always one step ahead, in a race that challenges his considerable intellect and skill, and tests the relationship of the two young officers.



While reading this book I was constantly in two minds. I enjoyed part of the book immensely, but really disliked other parts. I downloaded the sample and it drew me in enough to download the rest of the book, especially the beginning. I did not expect what happened so early in the book which was a pleasant surprise.

What I liked about the book

The story line was good and the character development spot on. There were quite a few twists and turns which I enjoyed for the most part. The book was well written and I loved the descriptions and the way in which the writer dragged me into the story.

I liked being in the killer’s mind and reading his thoughts. His justification for his actions were fascinating but warped.

What I didn’t enjoy that much

Throughout the book I had to remind myself that the characters were not hormonal teenagers. Most of the characters were so sex obsessed that it became off-putting and unrealistic.

There was only one character I liked in the story  – Trent Willoughby. The rest I struggled to identify with. Between their overly sexual nature and strange way of viewing the world I had a hard time finding common ground.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above niggles, this was a good story. There were plenty that kept my attention and I wanted to know how it would all end up. Overall this is a well executed thriller.



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