Review Spotlight: Peril, The Legend of Sedrak

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Wonderful 4 Star Review from Amazon:

An absorbing fable that irresistably draws you in right from the start. It is set in imaginative new realms, which are beautifully conjured up by the author. The central character, Raki and her reluctant hero, Jakai are very believable. They have an antagonistic relationship, which ebbs and flows throughout the story, at times you feel as though you even want to bang their heads together!

This is a mythological tale, but the characters react in a very natural manner, to each other and to the dangers that they face. I thought that the author dealt with this very skilfully, particularly as Raki becomes aware of her destiny. In fact all the characters are well rounded, at times I even felt sorry for the antagonist, Sedrak.

All in all this is a well executed and thoroughly enjoyable YA tale that I would recommend.

Buy Peril, The Legend of Sedrak HERE


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