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Buy The Adventures of Pania and Kiwi – At the beach here:

The Adventures of Pania and Kiwi follow the antics of little Pania and her best friend Kiwi. Together they live, laugh and learn. In this, their first adventure, they have fun on the beach while Kiwi tries to overcome his timid nature. Watch out for more Pania and Kiwi books in the near future.




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Buy The Adventures of Pania and Kiwi – The Dragon in Imagination Land here:

In this, the second book in the series, Pania and Kiwi explore what it is to be brave. When the school bully strikes again, Pania and Kiwi travel to Imagination Land to learn about deception, being different and the real meaning of bravery.




Final book cover

Buy Peril, The Legend of Sedrak here:

When Raki travels with her clan for their annual visit to the Homeland, she has no idea it would be the last time. An evil lurks in wait, seeking more than just death!

In her pursuit of the ancient darkness that changed her life, she discovers a truth hidden beneath layers of deception.

Her reluctant travel companion Jakail hides his own secrets. Who is he and why is he hunting the creature? Together they face terrifying dangers in search of the wizard who can change their fortunes.

As Raki creeps ever closer to the person she was born to be, their destinies intertwine. They must face the peril that awaits them—no matter what the cost.

Buy Little Miss Me and the kidnappers here:

Princess Elizabeth has a lot to learn about life and people in general.  In this hilarious tale, two stable boys’ attempts to teach the entitled would-be-queen a lesson

backfires, resulting in a kidnapping. Will they be able to escape the clutches of their captors? More importantly, will Princess Elizabeth learn a lesson or two about how to treat people, or might it take a few more adventures to help her along?



Bunny got angry - Cover

Buy The day Bunny got angry here:

Bunny wants to go to the park and play on the swing, but there is so much that can make a little Bunny angry.
In this brightly illustrated children’s book a number of anger management techniques are explored in a language young readers can understand. A book that should be read with children as they learn how to manage natural everyday emotions such as anger.


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