Most people, at some point or another in their life, have regrets.  We look back and wonder why we did some of the things we did, why we made the decision we made or went into a specific direction when our gut told us otherwise.

I recently made a decision about which I had some serious reservations. It was one of those moments where I had to decide if I wanted to take the moral high ground, or go against my better judgement to prove a point. A sort of, cut of my nose to spite my face situation. So, here I am now – without a nose.

There are many things I can do about this decision. I can scold myself until Kingdom come. I can go on my knees and ask for forgiveness (been there and done that!), I can even minimise my responsibility by attempting to convince myself that I did what I had to do to get my point across. I can go further and remind myself that thousands of other people have made the exact same decision without losing any sleep over it.

What I can’t do is turn back the time and change my decision. What is done is done.

Of course the good thing about regrets is how much we learn from them. Each one teaches us a little bit more about ourselves, a little bit more about what we stand for and what we are prepared to put up with. My own recent regret has taught me a lesson I will never ever forget, which mean I will never again make the same mistake.

Much love. J


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