Help with cover design decisions

My second novel, a Psychological Thriller, is a few months from being ready for publishing and I’m really struggling with deciding on a cover design. So far, I have two covers I like. They are vastly different from each other. It’s a serial killer story with moderate violence, and lots of suspense. Which of the covers below appeals to you most? Number 1 or Number 2?

Number 1:

Cover design 2

Number 2:

Cover design


4 thoughts on “Help with cover design decisions

  1. I like #1. It’s simple but it grabs my eye. I think the second one has too much going on visually. Just my thoughts 🙂 I’m sure you’ll pick the right one!

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  2. I like the second cover, but agree with lindsay that it’s too busy. The first one grabs my eye but doesn’t tell me anything except blood. Putting a face on it helps. For what it’s worth. I haven’t published any books, but I see now that deciding on a cover image can be a quandary.

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